Four High Vitamin C Packed Foods You Must Have



It’s possible to get 122 milligrammes of vitamin C from just one fruit. Beta-carotene and other antioxidants important for eye health are abundant in mango.

Researchers found that darker red mangoes have more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties than their lighter yellow counterparts, as published in Molecules in May 2021.


The vitamin C content of kale is impressive at 93.4 milligrammes per cup. According to a January 2022 article published in Nutrients, kale is a good source of vitamin A and vitamin K as well as potassium and fibre. Last but not least, the USDA FoodData Central reports that 89.6 grammes of water can be found in a single serving of raw kale.



Tropical fruit guava contains 376 milligrammes of vitamin C per serving. A December 2018 article in Open Access: Toxicology and Research suggests that the entire guava plant, from its roots to its leaves, may be beneficial for conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and inflammation.

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Hot Chili Peppers

Vitamin C is abundant in raw green and red chilli peppers: USDA FoodData Central reports that for every 100 grammes, green chilli peppers have 242 milligrammes and red chilli peppers have 144 milligrammes. According to a review published in July 2018 in MOJ Food Processing & Technology, chilli peppers contain a number of other vitamins and minerals in addition to vitamin C, including vitamins A, E, and B.

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