Five Of The Most Affordable Dive Watches Available

Seiko Prospex Automatic Limited Edition ‘Eucalyptus’ SRPJ53K

Of course we had to include at least one Seiko on this list of dive watches, but we went ahead and included three. The most prestigious Japanese watch brand has a wide variety of affordable dive watches to choose from.

The first timepiece we’re featuring is a new and exciting option from Seiko, and it was made available in Australia first. This timepiece is one of only 1,000 produced and features Seiko’s iconic 45mm Turtle case. The SRPJ53K has a retro feel and the signature look that Seiko fans have come to expect from the brand, both of which were inspired by the natural beauty of Australia and, more specifically, the Eucalyptus tree.

The package includes both a stainless steel bracelet and a lighter rubber strap to go with the bulky case’s new crown location at 4 o’clock. In addition to protecting the automatic movement from depths of up to 200 metres, the diver’s watch’s striking green dial features a gradient effect that sets it apart from other dive watches. Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex Crystal glass is used here.

Inches: 45m, millimetres: 0.975″
The height is 13.2mm.
Strap Materials: Rubber and Stainless Steel
Metal (stainless) Casing
Automatic, with a Seiko 4R36 Movement
200 metres of water resistance.
List Price: AUD$895

Baltic Aquascaphe

Label originated in France The Aquascaphe exemplifies the neo-vintage aesthetic that Baltic touts. It’s a contemporary timepiece that pays homage to a classic: Blancpain’s Fifty-Fathoms diver. The rich blue sandwich dial (the indexes are cut out) adds a touch of style to the otherwise simple design.

The watch, which is hand-assembled in France, is smaller than the standard Seiko and serves as a nice contrast. The Aquascaphe exemplifies the current fashion for 38mm dive watches. It’s subtle, sleek, and equally at home on land or in the water. Featured here is a version with a lightweight beads-of-rice bracelet in addition to the model shown with a more adaptable tropical rubber strap.

The Baltic Aquascaphe is an analogue timepiece with a domed sapphire crystal and a functional bezel, both of which are in keeping with the watch’s vintage aesthetic. It has a trustworthy Miyota automatic movement and costs significantly less than $1,000.

The diameter of this item is 39mm.
Length of 12mm
Bracelet-Style Stainless Steel or Rubber Straps.
Metal (stainless) Casing
Miyota 9039 Automatic Japanese Movement; 200 Meters of Water Resistance
Price: €580.00

Doxa Sub 200

The Sub 200 is the entry-level diver’s watch from the Swiss manufacturer. It is a great introduction to the cult brand Doxa because it draws on the design language of their earlier models. This important variant features the orange dial made famous by Doxa; this colour was chosen because it facilitates readability under water.

The simple hands and corresponding markers continue the Sub 200’s emphasis on legibility. The unidirectional rotating bezel and the rest of the watch face are protected by a sapphire crystal and share the same, minimalist orange and black colour scheme.

Between the smaller Seiko and the larger Baltic, the Sub 200 is an intermediate option that provides a more sporty overall look. The Swiss automatic movement is decorated by Doxa, as befits a watch with a Swiss-Made label.

Length: 42mm
13.8mm in height
Bracelet-Style Stainless Steel or Rubber Straps.
Metal (stainless) Casing
Mechanical System: Swiss Automatic
200 metres of water resistance.
In Australia Dollars, the cost is $1,590.

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Seiko Prospex SNE591

When Seiko puts a big X on the face of a watch, you know it’s serious. That designates the timepiece as one of the Prospex models, indicating that it meets rigorous professional standards. The name “Prospex” is typically associated with dive watches, but it can also be used to describe any timepiece that was designed with exploration in mind. They are reliable and functional timepieces.

This model is similar to the rest, but it does have one key difference. It runs on solar energy. Because of this, a diver’s watch’s battery will never need to be changed, which is a huge convenience.

The SNE591 is unmistakably a Seiko in terms of design. The dial is easily recognisable with its large markers and distinct hands. It has a colourful red and blue bezel in addition to a large, seemingly indestructible case. This is a sportsman’s watch, with features like a sapphire crystal and a depth rating of 200 metres.

42.8mm in diameter
10.7mm in height
Necklace Chain: Stainless Steel
Metal (stainless) Casing
The Solar Energy Movement in Japan
Priced at AUD$825.00 and rated for 200 metres of water,

Unimatic Modello Uno U1-FM

Unimatic isn’t like other brands, so don’t expect them to do things the same way. Milanese in origin and started by two industrial designers, the company focuses less on producing functional watches and more on creating collectible pieces. The Modello Uno U1-FM is quintessentially Italian in its sleekness, eccentricity, and style. However, at its core, it is still a dive watch and among the strongest competitors for the title of best dive watch for under $1,500.

The watch has a basic design, with a matte black face and a black aluminium bezel with a single lumed dot. Even the text on the dial has been kept to a minimum to avoid clutter. The automatic Seiko NH35A movement inside is a popular choice, and the sapphire crystal is double-domed for added protection. You won’t find many purists among the diving watch community wearing this timepiece, but if you’re looking for a unique diver watch for less than $1,500, it’s a great option.

40mm in diameter
Horween Cordovan shell for the strap; stainless steel for the case.
Mechanical System: Japanese Automatic
Proved Waterproof to a Depth of 300 Meters
Suggested Donation: $650.00 USD

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